12 topical insights on Equality & Diversity – Trevor Philips OBE

Trevor Philips OBE

In a video address to the Global Equality & Diversity Conference 2017, Trevor Phillips, Broadcaster, President John Lewis Partnership former Chair of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission gives his view on Equality and Diversity in 2017, highlighting:

  • Organisations must move on from focus on ”Employment proportions”.
  • Diversity matters to majority white consumers.
  • Commitment to Diversity is seen by public as a signal of a “modern” organisation – a business must have.
  • Current social mobility work is not sufficient.
  • Ethnicity & Gender operate independently of Social Mobility.
  • The new culture of transparency is producing shockwaves across sectors.
  • Tech, entertainment and disruptive industries thought they were automatically progressive.
  • Bias is built into some online algorithms.
  • Culture of “Too valuable to tackle” high value employees – do not get a pass on bias or abuse.
  • Companies are now glass boxes.
  • With social media, whistle blowers and statutory publishing – there is nowhere to hide.
  • Highlights persistent involvement of faith communities in areas of conflict over diversity.