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Diversity intentions are not enough

As the dust starts to settle on the troubling results of Britain’s first race disparity audit published by the UK Government on 10 October...
Global Equality & Diversity (GED) 2017

Global Equality & Diversity Award Nominees Announced

The Noon Centre for Equality and Diversity in Business at the University of East London has announced the nominees for the 4th Annual Global...

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Gender Pay Gap – Popular myths

Gender pay gap? It isn’t a problem here, we pay everyone fairly... Mention the gender pay gap and it can sometimes provoke a bit of...

The coming revolution in pay transparency

Over the past month we have witnessed the tip of the pay gap iceberg, with iconic institutions becoming embroiled in bitter disputes over disparity...

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Sexism ‘commonplace’ in Local Government, Fawcett Society report reveals

By Paul Rushworth, The Equality Hub Sexism is 'commonplace' in local government with 38% of female councillors having experienced sexist comments from within their own party, according to a recent report by The Fawcett Society. The survey of over 2,300 councillors also found that a third...

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