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Coronavirus: employee rights

In March 2020 the UK went into lockdown for coronavirus (covid-19). Workers must only travel to and from work if it’s absolutely necessary. Non...

“Homelessness has marked me” – a nurse’s story of falling through the safety net

Despite a recent fall, the number of people rough sleeping in the UK has more than doubled in the past decade. That figure doesn’t take...

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Black Lives Matter: “Bristol has been on a journey”

Bristol City Council were winners at the Global Equality & Diversity (GED) Awards 2018, and flagship presenters at the 2019 conference, but in recent...

It’s a wonderful time to be a manager – really!

This is a time of horror, a time of insurrection and a time of wonder. The Coronavirus continues to be a horror, but the crisis...

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Sexism ‘commonplace’ in Local Government, Fawcett Society report reveals

By Paul Rushworth, The Equality Hub Sexism is 'commonplace' in local government with 38% of female councillors having experienced sexist comments from within their own party, according to a recent report by The Fawcett Society. The survey of over 2,300 councillors also found that a third...

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