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New report reveals wider repercussions of hate crime

The final report of a major five-year study from the University of Sussex shows that hate crime affects entire communities, rather than just the...

What’s the real story for Rough Sleepers at Christmas?

The media are struggling to tell the story of homelessness and politicians are stretching the definition to suit their own purposes in a way...

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Gender Pay Gap reporting: considerations and implications

Innes Miller is a Director at Staffmetrix who offer a powerful and intuitive data visualisation platform which brings transparency and accountability to the workplace. Innes will...
Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap: The results are in…but not for all

The Government's deadline for Gender Pay Gap reporting passed on the 4th April, a frantic final 24 hours saw more than 1000 companies rushing...

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Sexism ‘commonplace’ in Local Government, Fawcett Society report reveals

By Paul Rushworth, The Equality Hub Sexism is 'commonplace' in local government with 38% of female councillors having experienced sexist comments from within their own party, according to a recent report by The Fawcett Society. The survey of over 2,300 councillors also found that a third...

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