The UK government seems to have put closing the gender pay gap firmly on the backburner, less than 3 years after the former Prime Minister Theresa May made gender pay gap reporting mandatory and despite the median pay gap only shrinking by 0.1% in the past year.

Putting aside the vital pursuit of equality for a moment; does the government’s reported laissez-faire approach to closing the gender pay gap make good business sense? Chief Executive of The Fawcett Society, Sam Smethers, argues not. From the Gender Pay Gap national conference, she presents the case: ‘The Equality Imperative: Why gender equality in the workplace makes business sense’.

6th Annual Global Equality & Diversity Conference & Awards

Thursday 17th October 2019-De Vere Canary Wharf, No. 1 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD

Intersectionality: Challenges, Solutions & Resolutions

The challenge is to find innovative solutions and resolution mechanisms that can work inside an organisation, addressing the discriminations,  bad behaviours and disparities while responding promptly to the victims, in ways that are proportionate and, where practical, restorative.

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