Mandatory gender pay gap reporting in the UK exposed just one of the problems that the country as a whole has with diversity in the workplace

Since the first figures were published in 2018, the discussion has slowly begun shifting towards a need to reveal the data on disparities in pay between people of different ethnicities, (dis)abilities, sexual orientations and ages; and questions have been raised about how best to quantify the impact that having multiple minority characteristics can have on a person’s employability, career progression and pay.  In other words, we know that intersectionality is a thing but how do we put it into numbers?

On top of all this, enei is asking how, once we get those figures, we can translate the numbers into inclusion as well as diversity. At the Global Equality and Diversity Conference, Jacqui Gavin (Head of Diversity & Inclusion Centre of Excellence at ENEI and former Culture & Inclusion Manager for the Cabinet Office) discussed the known-knowns and the known-unknowns of workplace diversity – and how companies can translate awareness into inclusion.

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