“It’s easy to say that we are, in 2019, more enlightened, more inclusive, more open to things than we were 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. It’s just fundamentally not the case for a lot of groups of people.”

Tomorrow’s Company is a not-for-profit think tank that “inspires and enables business to be a force for good in society”. Dr Scarlett Brown, Director of Research and Policy at the think tank, took to the the Global Equality and Diversity Conference stage to praise the movement amongst businesses towards inclusivity and intersectionality and the power of public opinion and social media to hold companies to account.

Emphasising the intersectionality of mental health and identity, Dr Brown urged scholars and practitioners of inclusion and diversity to use the current surge in concern over mental health policies in the workplace to reintroduce the topic of diversity as the two are so closely linked.

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