J.P. Morgan is one of the biggest investment banks and financial services companies in the world; it has significant operations bases in 100 countries; and, in the past 4 years, it has hired 154 people with autism across 40 sectors and educated over 2,200 of its employees and 7,000 of its managers about how to support and get the best out of their autistic colleagues.

At the 6th Annual Global Equality and Diversity Conference, James Mahoney, Head of Global Technology, Diversity and Inclusion at J.P. Morgan talked about the company’s ‘Autism at Work’ journey. 4 years ago, after a successful trial of hiring 4 autistic software-testers, James Mahoney was charged with taking the programme worldwide. The benefits of hiring neurodiverse candidates were undeniable.

Watch his full presentation to understand why it works, how they support the autistic members of their teams not only at work but in their personal and financial lives too, and how they’re expanding the project and looking to hire people who are on the more severe end of the autism spectrum.

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