“We’re not in a situation where evidence on its own is not going to count with a lot of politicians… We have to be noisy, we have to campaign, we have to annoy people and I think we have to be angry from time to time as well.”

Leslie Morphy OBE, Chair of Pathway offers her closing thoughts at the 7th Annual Pathways from Homelessness Symposium.

From the problems of raising funding to how to be a ‘system disrupter’, she touches on all the most important points from the Pathways from Homelessness event. This video serves as a ‘pick of the conference’ for those looking to find the content most relevant to them from this event.

Preceded by a short discussion with some of the symposium’s expert speakers on how we should set our priorities for change.

6th Annual Global Equality & Diversity Conference & Awards

Thursday 17th October 2019-De Vere Canary Wharf, No. 1 Westferry Circus, London, E14 4HD

Intersectionality: Challenges, Solutions & Resolutions

The challenge is to find innovative solutions and resolution mechanisms that can work inside an organisation, addressing the discriminations,  bad behaviours and disparities while responding promptly to the victims, in ways that are proportionate and, where practical, restorative.

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