Homelessness workers on the streets, in A&E and in charities  deal with people experiencing the most extreme inequality.

This presentation connects their work to the growing debate about wellbeing across societies.   They pick up the pieces.  Even the government has been careful only to promise to half rough sleeping by 2022 sensing that rough sleeping will not be eradicated while inequality is rising.

These visible patterns are moving to the centre of political debate as the government recent announcement on restricting evictions in the rented sector suggest.

Professor Kate Pickett is the joint author of ”The Inner Level” the widely praised publication on patterns of inequality and stress signs in society, including homelessness was a major draw.

The  health and housing professionals, charities and academics behind this conference have created first division talks that can now be used all year round with staff and policy makers who they need to influence.

Presented to an audience of 350 this has now been viewed by thousands – that is successful narrowcasting trying to connect the dots in policy making.

This will change the way you think about the interaction of fear and insecurity with economic disruption and failure.

Neil Stewart, Editorial Director.

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