Leeds was in the news for the success of a local programme on childhood obesity.  An example of a bottom up initiative working with parents, integrated, rather than lecturing about obesity.

Gina Rowlands, Managing Director and Dr Gemma Ashwell, GP & Academic Teaching Fellow, Bevan Healthcare CIC give a presentation discussing “Values at the centre of care: changing lives for the most excluded” at Pathways from Homelessness 2019: Rethinking Housing & Health.

Yorkshire is also the centre of one of the most innovative GP Practices and homelessness initiatives in the UK, Bevan Health Care.

They too have been flagged in the NHS Long Term Plan. Working across Leeds and Bradford they are now nationally recognised for their model of integrated  care and are already teach at the university to instil the values and approach into the next generation of nurses and doctors.

There are lessons hear for every GP Surgery and health centre across the UK.  Pathway, the lead charity in the area are collating on video and promoting these presentations do they can be  discussed and adopted in every locality.

Written by Neil Stewart, Editorial Director, Equality and Diversity Hub

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